The Benefits of Roof Cleaning

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Is roof cleaning necessary?
It just rained, so the roof just received a thorough washing from Mother Nature, there?s no need for me to do anything, right?


Many homeowners neglect cleaning their roof because they think it is not necessary or they simply lack the time. Many others see routine roof cleaning as expensive.

The truth is, roof cleaning IS necessary to prolong the life of your roof and maintain the value of your home. In terms of money, cleaning the roof regularly can actually save you money and we will get to that shortly.

What are the benefits of roof cleaning?
? Extends life of your roof. Cleaning your roof prevents the overgrowth of lichens, algae or moss. These can cause stains on your roof that are not only unsightly but also cause the shingles to degenerate, thus decreasing the life span of your roof. These tiny plants can take root on the shingle materials affecting their overall functionality.
? Your roof is aesthetically enhanced. Your roof will always look as good as it did when your home?s brand new. If your house is on the market, the exterior beauty of your house will attract buyers and you don\’t have to worry about your property?s value diminishing.
? Saves you money. The stains on the roof can reduce your home?s ventilation; they can cause heat to get trapped inside the house thus increasing your air conditioning cost. The unexplained hike in your gas or electricity bill might be caused by the moss and algae growth on your roof. By cleaning your roof, you maintain the functionality of it as well as avoid a spike in your bills. And since routine cleaning extends the life of your roof, you save money by not having to replace the entire roof or having major repairs done on it.
Now you know the benefits of roof cleaning, it?s time to discuss the best way to clean your roof. Stains caused by algae can be removed by using soft wash chemicals and non-pressure washer.

Avoid cleaning your roof with a high pressure washer because that can damage the shingles. When roof cleaning is professionally done, you won?t have to worry about damages and your home will be restored to its former beauty.

The few hundred dollars you spend hiring a professional roof cleaner can potentially save you thousands of dollars in major repairs or a total overhaul of your home?s roof.

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